Social Insurance


There are treaties between one country and specific countries that must be considered when foreign staff are relocated. It is therefore important for foreign companies to be informed about country-specific regulations and treaties, in order to correctly manage social insurancematters.


Overview of Social Insurance in Turkey


In the year of 2007, the system of social insurance in Turkey has been reviewed and changed. In the past, there are social insurance association, pension foundation and self-employed insurance association. However, the Social Security Insurance (SSI) is established and the past three associations were united. The total population applied for social insurance was 81% of total population in 2008. The payment of social insurance is as follows.


Types of social insurance   payment by employer   payment by employee


Short-period danger                           2%                       –

Long-period danger                           11%                     9%

General health insurance                  7.5%                   5%

Unemployment insurance                  2%                      1%

Total                                                    22.5%                15%


Regarding of foreigners in Turkey, if the country makes a mutual agreement with Turkey, the home country will pay the social security so that the government of Turkey doesn’t need pay the social insurance.


The payment of unemployment insurance


Employees, employers and the government will burden the unemployment insurance as 1%, 2% and 1% and it must be paid every month. The payment by employers is deducted from the taxation of employers. On the other hand, the payment of employees should be deducted from the taxation of themselves.


For the foreigners, if there is mutual agreement between the foreign country and Turkey, it is not necessary to pay the social insurance if the foreigners’ home countries forcefully require their employees apply for the social insurance of their own countries. If the employees cannot apply for the foreign social insurance, generally employees should pay all of the payment. The payment of social insurance should also be declared to Social Insurance Office.


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