Payroll Services


When you are operating across borders and employing an international workforce, you need careful planning and scrutiny to ensure every single entity is both fully compliant with your global payroll policies and procedures, and more importantly with local regulation requirements. Ignore this and you’ll risk fines and representational damage – sometimes even criminal prosecution.


To meet our clients’ needs in Human Resources with the help of innovative technology developed by Date assist. To enhance our clients’ flexibility by outsourcing, To increase clients’ competitive edge by letting them focus on their goals, To help clients achieve efficiency by contributing to the optimization of their work process. Our outsourcing department organizes and performs the payroll services of the personnel, working in companies.


In this context, the following activities count as a part of our payroll services:


1.the calculation of wages and relative charges

2.the planning of wage payments

3.the preparation of instructions to banks

4,the payment of charges on social security supports

5.the calculation of termination pays and similar charges

6.matters pertaining to personnel and preparation of other announcements.


We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.