Human Resources


Residence permission


(1) Conditions of residence permission


In the case of staying in Turkey more than 90 days, it is required to acquire residence permission.


(2) Relationship with working permission


According to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, if foreigners acquire working permission, it is not necessary to acquire residence permission.


(3) Categories of residence permission


Short-term residence permission >>> Maximum one year

Family residence permission >>> Maximum two years

Student residence permission >>> Maximum one year

Long-term residence permission >>> foreigners who work in Turkey for more than 8 years

Humanitarian residence permission >>> Maximum one year

Human traffic victim residence permission >>> 30 days


(4) Documents of application (short-term):


❶ application online

❷ passport

❸ copy of passport: the page with picture of applier; the page with valid date; the page with seal which is stamped of final entry in Turkey.

❹ four pictures can be used for passport

❺ certification of asset of $500 every mouth

❻ certification of social insurance

❼ certification of address in Turkey

❽ certification of no crime


Working Permission


(1) Condition of working permission:


In the case of foreigners work in Turkey, it is necessary to acquire Working Permission. Foreign workers can apply for it before entering Turkey or after entering Turkey.


(2) Categories of working permission


❶ Working Permission for a definite period


It can be one year for the first application and can be delayed for three years. If after the three years, application of delaying can be permitted for six years.


❷ Indefinite Working Permission


Foreigners who has worked in Turkey more than six years or lived more than eight years can apply for indefinite working permission.


❸ Independent Self-employed Working Permission


Foreigners who have worked in Turkey more than five years can apply for independent self-employed working permission.


❹ Application exclusion


Foreigners who have a marriage with Turkish;

Foreigners who have a nationality of Turkey before;

Citizen of EU;



Government officers working in Turkey


Our service of human resources:


Our Turkey Human Resource Services are for our clients that want to see their employees as an advantage in competition. Our strategy is to improve employees as a member of a creative and active team that dedicate themselves to the satisfaction of clients. We give our clients the ability to get new points of views, thinking differently, developing new and value-adding


In order to establish human-oriented solution sets we follow a different way. We transform human power to comparative advantage by combining our knowledge of tax and law issues, and our local and global experience, with the human dimension.


Our solution sets include issues related to growth, reduction, development, productivity, company mergers/demergers, cost efficiency and labor laws concerning your business.


Our Human Resources team provides the following services for our clients:


  • HR Planning and Policy
  • Recruitment and Assessment
  • Development and Training
  • Reward and Retain
  • Outplacement
  • Knowledge Management


We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.