Business Setup


The consulting flowchart to establish a business in Turkey


The consultation to establish a company or a local corporation in Turkey


***We could provide the service of consulting.


The consultation related to the procedure to establish and budget in Turkey


***We could provide the necessary information, such as the research of marketing, the decision of form to establish.


To decide to investment in Turkey and establish a company in Turkey


***We could help you make a decision which form should be established


The registration of your corporation in Turkey


***We could provide the service to establish and registrar a corporation in Turkey.


The completion for establish a corporation in Turkey


***We could introduce an office or company house by the real estate, which cooperated with our company.


 The forms of business to establish in Turkey



Limited Liability Company

Branch in Turkey

Representative office


  1.     Corporation (Anonim Şirket)


According to the new Business Act in 2012, it is possible to establish a business in Turkey by at least one shareholder. Because of no requirement of nationality for shareholder, it is possible to establish 100% foreign investment company. The least capital for establish of corporation is 50,000 TL. At least one director of corporation is required and the liability is limited by the investment.


  1.     Limited Liability Company (Limited Şirketi)


According to the new Business Act in 2012, the condition to establish a Limited Liability of Company is number of investors should be from one to fifty. In the other words, it becomes possible to establish a business by one person. Many foreign companies will use this form of business while entering the market of Turkey. But it is different from corporation that the public liability of Limited Liability Company is unlimited and the least capital of Limited Liability Company is 10,000TL.


  1.     Branch in Turkey (Şube)


In Turkey, a branch is treated almost same as with a subsidiary of foreign company. The difference between subsidiary and branch is that head office will undertake all of liability of branch and are subject to taxation only in Turkey. In addition, based on Company Act it is not necessary to deposit the accumulated reserves. And the activities are limited within the business of head office. Furthermore, the 15% of taxation at source will be taxation while remitting to head office.


  1.     Representative Office


In order to establish representation office in Turkey, it is necessary to acquire a permit from General Directorate of Foreign Investments. The permission period will be three years generally for the first application and the permission period will be at most three years while updating. It is required to manage representative office by representative and the profitable activities cannot be conducted. All of fund of activities must be from head office and the surplus fund of remit to head office is just permitted while closing the representative office. The good treatment of representative office is that representative and staffs is exempt from income taxes.


The support work of corporation M&A and Due diligence in Turkey


>>The discovery of risk in management and financial

>>The calculation of value of corporation

>>The price negotiation with target company

>>To correspond to financial due diligence by project team


The procedure to establish a business in Turkey


❶ preparation of necessary documents

❷ translation and certification

❸ application

❹ registration and permission of business

❺ notification to tax office

❻ business starting


To establish a representative office in Turkey


There are three types of representative office in Turkey. The representative of had office abroad is an office that to collect information to do research. The other type of office has the license of a project to adjust with government while researching an agreement with government. The third type of office is to do international share deals.


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